Out with 2012….In with 2013

This is the obligatory New Years Eve post that I am sure most bloggers will post today or tomorrow.

Let me first recap how 2012 went…..

– I watched 192 different movies this year.
– I read 24 books (down from my usual 45-50 books per year).
– I started a business.
– I got a great part-time job.
– I managed to work a full-time job, a part-time job, volunteer and attend part-time graduate school.
– I visited Savannah for Christmas 🙂
– I kicked up my cooking fun.
– Made a kick ass new friend 🙂
– Stopped drinking caffeine.
– Started this blog!

I know that a lot of people think it is foo-foo to make New Year’s Resolutions.  They call them wishes, hopes, intentions, whatever you call it, it is still a resolution.  You’re not fooling anyone by calling it something else.

Yes, I am aware that I probably won’t keep all of my resolutions 100% but that’s no reason to not try.

In 2013 I resolve to…..

– Complete my graduate thesis (expected no later than April 2013)
– Graduate with my Masters in Forensic Science (expected May 2013)
– Cook more adventurously.
– Be more active.
– Find opportunities to Pay it Forward more.

What about you?  Are you too afraid to make resolutions?  Don’t be a chicken, tell me what they are.  😉


– Jennifer


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