Oprah’s Not the Only One with Favorite Things Party

My friend and colleague, Leah, hosted an “Oprah’s Not the Only One with Favorite Things” party last night. 

Here’s how it works:

Everyone invited picks one of their favorite things that has a value of $10 or less.  When they come to the party they are to bring 5 duplicates of their favorite thing. 

Each person who brought items places their names in a hat/box 5 times.

One by one, each partygoer stands up and explains their favorite thing.  They then pick 5 names out of the hat/box and those 5 people win that person’s favorite thing.

At the end of the night everyone gives away 5 of their favorite thing and goes home with 5 different favorite things from other people.  The only caveat is that if the total number of people participating isn’t a number divisible by 5 then someone is going to get double of one gift.  I was the one who got the duplicate last night and let me say that it was the best outcome because I got double of this wonderful dark chocolate covered caramel with sea salt.  MMMMMM!

Awesome concept right?  Well not only was it an awesome concept, it was SO much fun. 

Not only did Leah supply us with an evening of fun and friendship we also got to chow down on some amazing food.  Leah loves grilled cheese so she made multiple variations of grilled cheese for everyone along with tomato soup and tortilla soup.  While they were all quite delicious, my favorite was the pear, apple and bacon grilled cheese sandwich.  LOVE! 

It was a fantastic night, with delicious food, great friends and some cool stuff to take home. 


Caprese Grilled Cheese Sandwiches Cooking

Some of the group

Some of the group


Some of the delicious food

The Amazing Tupper

Now go call your friends and set up your own favorite things party!



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